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New kid on the block'

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I've always wanted a corvette but had other responsibilities yet a couple years ago I was able to buy an '81 off of eBay...I know what ya thinking but what's done is done. Anyway I had to put her in storage right away and just now took her out, cleaned her up and put on new tires. She's a project car but street worthy as she stands. I'd like to bring her up to showmanship level. Someone told me that only 400 midnight blues were made that year and the interior is the same color. She just hums on the road but with the AC on she'll heat up and she did heat up once in very slow traffic but cooled before getting too hot.

My problem is I don't know where to go to get the guidance and parts I'll need to fully restore her. I tend to be one of those nieive and trusting souls, even at my age, which makes me hessitant. Any advice out there? Any good sites for parts and/or how special/ordinary my car may be?
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Well, you've picked the right place, there is a ton of knowledge here.

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Welcome to dc here you will get your answers for sure very intelligent vette owners here just give them time to wake up its still a little early for the old timers:laughing: :laughing:
DC welcomes you:buhbye: :buhbye:
Post pics when you can and welcome aboard. :thumbsup:
Welcome to DC. Money Pit = C3/ straight up advise. I know I have 2 . But on the other hand, if you drop 15 G on one and wait for a few years till they get to C2 status then you might have double return. If I break out even that is alright too. They are out there and cheap. Not the bumpers but the ones behind them. I consider mine a cheap thrill ( Had 3 Bumper Cars. "Sweets") . And I am not gonna buy another one. Lived that life already. Lookin for a C5 rat now. You take care of that 80 model now. That is a good year model. Send some pics. :partyon: :D
Welcome to DC... You have came to the right spot...:thumbsup:
Thanks for the welcome all

Posted two pics, the bike is my son's. Click to enlarge the picture and you can easily see she's in need os a facelift.
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