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New moderator! 64Vette

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64Vette climbs the ranks and will become the moderator of the C1/C2 section.

64Vette is a very dedicated, active, and important member of the Corvette community in Canada, and here in the states, including:

NCRS - National Organization member
NCRS - Ontario Chapter member
Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs - Eastern Region
(Secretary and website administrator)
Corvettes of Southern Ontario member
Cambridge Corvette Club member

We are lucky to have him and his experience in that section.

Congrats to 64Vette, and here is a picture of his amazingcar!!!!

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Congrats 64Vette.

Again that is one amazing car you have.
Welcome to the madness....

Sweet wheels!
welcome to the dark side.....and great car :)
Congrats! Anyone with a Vette as sweet as yours the job.
Now THAT is a beautiful car!!!!


We're not worthy!
We're not worthy!
We're not worthy!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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