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New Mustang GT kill . . .

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Yeah, I know, big deal. Well, this young man (not a punk kid) rolls up next to me on the interstate and it's obvious what he wants. His new Mustang GT sounded very nice so I obliged him. While the results were all too predictable, his reaction was not. After a thorough spanking from a 60 mph rolling start, and a high-speed run after that (after 130 he was disappearing fast in the mirror), he followed me off at my exit and I pulled into a handy drug store parking lot as it appeared he wanted to talk. Turns out he had just gotten his 'Stang, and was pretty proud of it - which I told him he should be, it looked nice and sounded great. We talked weights and horsepower for a few minutes (such as the folly of a 3600-pound 300hp 5-speed vs. a 3200-pound 400hp 6-speed), and I made his eyes open pretty wide when I told him I never dipped below 4th gear while handily outrunning him. His most telling comment: "Yeah, I was driving at about 9/10ths and you looked like you were out for a Sunday drive!". While I am opposed to "street racing" per se, this was a deserted stretch of superhighway with excellent long-range visibility, or I would not have done it. I probably won't again - but it's always nice to know that the car is every bit as good as advertised, and then some.
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Yeah, I know, big deal...His most telling comment: "Yeah, I was driving at about 9/10ths and you looked like you were out for a Sunday drive!"...
I like that part!
I enjoyed this. Seems like every one I see with the new Mustang thinks it's the fastest thing on the road...but they do sound nice. Why oh why did they have to make the Vette so quiet?!?!:huh:
I couldn't catch up to a stang today that had places "SCEEEYA".

I wanted him to see my Wisconsin temp tags. :D
I ws behind a new bl on bl on bl Shelby Mustang the other day - I wasn't driving the vette....

But - it was a real nice looking car, I'd take one. Mustangs are cool.. Glad to see this GT owner was excited about his Pony.
Nice kill:thumbsup: I agree those stangs sound pretty good:D
Do I really need to go find the quote again of Lutz saying the Vettes exhaust was designed to be more of an executive, BMW like tone than that of a raucous street racer.:crazy:
Good story:thumbsup:
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