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Hey All,

A former Vette owner returning to the flock. Wife and I picked up our New '07 Yellow with F55, and LOADED... Drove it back from EVS Chevrolet in Milwaukee to PA.... Got home today.

Looking at intake system, and pipes upgrade... I think this is really all we intend to do to the vehicle. We are in Rural PA, so less noise issues. I am thinking hard about a Vararam induction upgrade, and possibly BB Bullet Exhaust.

Questions- Other recommendations welcome- these are a starting point...
Mainly, If I bolt on these 2 items (For example)...what programming do I need to do- and best cost efficient method to do so....

Why should I look at the X pipes in addition to the "rear" exhaust parts... Is it worth the cost.... No track usage- just a "Round Town" and highway use machine...


Bruce and Monica Smith

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Welcome to DC Bruce and Monica :cheers:
Your Vette will not need tuning with those mods, but Getting it tuned will maximize them.
I would recommend sending you PCM to Jeremy. He is the very best at tuning and very cost effective :thumbsup:
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