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Details on the 2012 Corvette were expected next weekend at the Corvette Museum’s annual new model rollout but it looks like a Chevy dealer posted most of the relevant info on one of the forums. Here is our recap of what's new for the 2012 Corvette:

Highlights include:

New ZR1 High Performance Package (w/new close-ratio 6-speed transmission)

New R-Compound Michelin Sport Cup Tires on select ZR1 and Z06 packages

Z06 gets more ZR1 tech including Performance Traction Management and Magnetic Selective Ride Control

ZR1’s Carbon Fiber hood (sans window) is now an option for Z06 Corvettes

New Aluminum cup wheels for Z06/ZR1

HUD, Bluetooth, Bose, Nav on 2LT

The top selling color since 2004 (Black) is going away. The only way to get a Black Corvette in 2012 is to order the Chevrolet Centennial Package.

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What's wrong with black? :surprised

Thanks for the info. :buhbye:
Typical GM thinking, even typical thinking of the modern fairness movemnt.

If colors are showing major disparity in sales remove the most successfull color and then the sales numbers even out. They did the same thing with red on Suburbans/Tahoes a few years back.:crazy:

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Auto Week's' write-up on these 2012 options...

By DALE JEWETT on 4/26/2011

The introduction of high-performance tires and racing-style wheels for the Z06 and ZR1 models is the major change to the Chevrolet Corvette for the 2012 model year, according to information being posted at Corvette fan sites on the Internet.

Info is leaking out as Chevy is set to officially talk about the 2012 Vette during the annual C5/C6 Bash fan event at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., this weekend. Look for some official news on April 28.

Chevrolet has disclosed that there will be a Centennial Edition package for the 2012 Vette, available on all trim levels of the sports car. That car will be available only with a black exterior. And it appears that's the only black on the Corvette color palate for 2012, according to some ordering information posted by Montana Chevy dealer Ken Fitchner. Based on that information, Chevrolet is making it easy for Corvette buyers to equip their Z06 and ZR1 Vettes for use at track day and club events.

The key option is for high-performance Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. This is a high-grip, racing-style summer tire that has been an original equipment tire for cars such as the Porsche GT3 RS and the BMW M3. The Michelin tires will be fitted to lightweight racing-style wheels. Getting the wheel-and-tire package will require you to take the optional handling package for either the Z06 or the ZR1.

Other changes for 2012 include:

-- A color palate for Corvette brake calipers. The choices are red, silver, yellow or dark gray.

-- A carbon-fiber hood available for Z06 models.

-- A technology package for the 2LT trim level that adds Bluetooth, USB ports, navigation and an upgraded Bose audio system.

-- In the color department, Jetstream Blue Metallic is replaced with Carlisle Blue Metallic. And a blue-colored convertible top will be available later in the model year.

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