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Does anyone have suggestions for replacement plugs and wires for a 92 LT1? I have 72k on the motor, no engine mods have been done either. Would like to go with something better than stock replacements but do you think that is the best move or has anyone had success with anything different. I would also like to go with a red colored wire but of course better performance would come first before color.
I bought the car two years ago and am going to run through everything as it has an obvious misfire. Also, if there is something other than plugs and wires that you would suggest I change at this point, let me know as it's the first Vette that I have had. There are a few drips and leaks that I am going to address of course but not sure if there is any common problems for these years and setups. Thanks guys !

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MSD has Red colored ignition wires but I don't think they are the best made.

I have ACCEL 8.8 Spiro core ignition wires on my 87 Corvette. Been on since 2007. Never any issues with them 170,000 miles later driving.
Lasted. Still like New.
They are Yellow.

One of My Favorite are by Taylor Ignition.
The 10.9 mm Race Wires.
They make 8mm street wires also every color under the sun.

The Best I have found are Moroso Ignition wires.
Drag Race.
Have them on every other vehicle I own.
Without a doubt to me the Very Best made.

You can terminate your own wire ends.
Build any terminal end you want and custom length as needed. What I do.
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