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NEW PRODUCT ~ C5 Blackouts

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Hey everyone. I stumbled accross a guy via a guy on CF that is a custom acrylic maker. He is developing some custom fit smoke acrylic black outs for the C5. These will supposedly be better quality than the GTS acrylics on the market now. This guy is even making a black out for the 3rd brake light AND the reverse lights. Let me know if anyone here is interested. Prices are going to be WAY below whats currently out there. He told me tenatively a full set will be $50!!!!:surprised :thumbsup:

I will have some pictures soon of them off and on a C5.

Give me a shout if you are interested!:partyon:
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invite him over to post about them here :) thanks for passing the info along....
I'm interested I bought a set of those cheapo stick on sets. A real waste of money.:rolleyes: I'll still have to convince the wife to let me put them on.:excited:
hey BLM,

i stubbled across the same guy, and inquired about these covers.

i gotta chance to see close up pics of the prototypes, and they look pretty good.

the front turn signals need to be reworked a bit for exact fit, according to the source.

appear to be good quality, and not flimsy

price is the best part. A complete set for under $50.

Can't go wrong with that.

can't wait until he has them completed.
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Is he doing C4? I bet there would be a lot of interest also. C4's and C5's are the only year that it would look good on.:thumbsup:
black outs look great on a MY. that price sounds pretty good. keep us posted if you get them.
The last I heard, he was tweeking the final molds to fit exact.

Johnny: If you are referring to PJ then yes this is the same guy. I too have the prototype pics but since they are not the finished product, I wont release them yet.

Patrick: Once the C5 is done, I will inquire about the C4 too!

Stay tuned!:thumbsup:
Well I got word today that the final molds are done and he is starting production.

A full kit includes:

~Front signals
~Tail lights
~3rd brake light
~Reverse lights

Price is yet to be determined. I have been told that LAPD will be selling these things exclusively. I am gauranteed one set before they go to retail pricing. I will see if I can get my price and the retail price. I will then see if I can get more than one set before he signs up to have them distributed by LAPD.

Stay tuned.
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Ok guys, it looks like the price will be $65 for a complete set plus $8 shipping.

I dont have my set yet, I should by the end of this week or begining of next. I have seen some pics and they look great. I have been talking directly with the guy who is making them and he seems like a great dude! He lives in Texas and is a computer geek supervisor for the AMD computer company. He makes these as a side gig and says he can churn out about 5 sets a week so far. Just think, you are getting full front, back including 3rd brake light and reverse lights for WAAAAY less than you would pay for a set of just fronts and rear GTS covers from RKSport or Ecklers who dont even OFFER the option for a 3rd brake light and reverse light covers!!!!!

Im going to start a list to see who wants to jump on this wagon?

So far I have....

1. Grumpy??? (still thinking?)
2. IT L GO
3. Natural Hi
4. Johnny C5
5. ragvette

Anyone else???
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how much for just the 4 rear taillights??

Remember I have the rear C5 lenses in my C4
BLM, post some pics when you get them.

For $65 add my name to the list.:thumbsup:
-=Jeff=- said:
how much for just the 4 rear taillights??

Remember I have the rear C5 lenses in my C4
Jeff, it would be $30 plus shipping for just the 4 rear tail lights.
I may want them but would like to see pictures first
Ok. I will provide the pics when I get them.

AND, here is the first....This is a pic of most of the set not installed. I dont have any of them on a car yet.

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looking good.
I surprised the taillight ones are not mounted using the screws that hold the lights themselves
Jeff, actually the tail light covers can be mounted 3 different ways.

1. using factory screws
2. clear 3M tape
3. clear "mushroom" tape
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