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New radiator

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Just put a new two row radiator in my C6. Man it got tight quick between the rad and high volume water pump no room left for anything. Just enough clearance for everything to fit.
The only issues I ran into were the trans line fittings leaking,a little gray mega thread tape took care of that.
Test drive went flawlessly going to keep an eye on it for a few trips to make sure no I have no surprises. So far so good.
Looking forward to warm weather to see if cooling improves will keep everyone posted.
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Don't spill any red wine on it, I doubt it will come out like the commercial's did. 😁
Looks good. I put C6 wheels on my two C5's, didn't like any C5 wheels.
I had an issue with extreme online, damaged splitter, they will go out of their way not to honor shipping damage and returns. You have to wear them down to accept their responsibilities.
I just emailed them and sent pictures of the damage. They sent me a replacement. I’m thinking bad reviews on the internet changed their minds. But I’d heard they were hard to deal with.
Not quite as bad as CorvetteMods though.
Yeah I don’t think it’s ever went 3k on an oil change.
3 to 4K miles is my standard interval on all my vehicles for oil changes, didn't care if the oil was a 10K change recommendation.
1 - 8 of 115 Posts