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New radiator

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Just put a new two row radiator in my C6. Man it got tight quick between the rad and high volume water pump no room left for anything. Just enough clearance for everything to fit.
The only issues I ran into were the trans line fittings leaking,a little gray mega thread tape took care of that.
Test drive went flawlessly going to keep an eye on it for a few trips to make sure no I have no surprises. So far so good.
Looking forward to warm weather to see if cooling improves will keep everyone posted.
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Update. Sunny 64 degrees today ran a half tank of fuel through the C6. Highway speed at 1500 rpm’s held a steady 190 degrees. Ran some hard Twisties down around Crofton Ky third and forth gear mainly rpm’s at about 3000 to 4000 car ran 175 to 180 degrees.
Tech specs two row radiator, PRW high volume water pump, Evans coolant this set up holds 3.5 gallons Vs’s 2.5 gallons stock. Mind you still not summer temperature
Will update when convertible weather gets here.
Sorry didn’t take any pics. I never remember to take time to document an up grade. I get to excited and slam it in to see how it works. The rad is from speed cooling products and fit reasonably well and with a stock water pump would have plenty of room. I run a high volume one and is some what larger than stock thus real estate became a slight issue.
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90 degrees today short trip about 20 miles engine temp steady 190. In traffic stop and go 205 reprogrammed fan kicks in drops to 200. Trans temp upper 150’s. Will know for sure after tail of the dragon trip in July. Seems like the more rpm’s I put in the engine the cooler it runs.
You jazzed about next weekend?
I think you got the better vacation just saying.
Went out for a three hour drive in 90 degree temperature car held 187 degrees auto trans temp mid 150 degrees. Very happy with the results speed cooling radiator Performs as advised. This was with top down no a/c an evening run started about 6pm returned about 9pm. Very therapeutic lots of bugs. Ever wonder how many more bugs there be if we weren’t running around killing them with automobiles?
Update dragon run. The car running eleven miles in third gear hard cornering heavy acceleration engine temperature was 200 degrees transmission temperature 190 degrees. Air temperature low to mid 90’s. Eleven miles in second gear which was much more exciting engine temperature 210 degrees transmission temperature 200 degrees. In stock configuration the car would get up to 230 engine and 230 transmission temperatures. On the trip back interstate running 85 miles per hour with A/C with air temperatures in the upper 90’s engine 210 degrees transmission temperature 174 degrees. All in all progress in the right direction. Oh just a side note MPG in the dragon was 23.5. interstate on the way home 27.7.
Well summers over. Very pleased with the upgrades on the C6. The rad, high volume water pump, Evans coolant, and the Diablo tune performed flawlessly. The car accelerates, shifts and cools great. No more 230,240 temperatures trans runs cool life’s good. Oh the Xforce duel mode exhaust sounds wonderful nice mellow tone closed deep throaty rumble when open. Low popping when Deaccelerating makes me grin. You guys should here it when running the dragon in second gear pure Ecstasy. So as autumn slowly comes to winter time to see what’s next on the list of upgrades.
With a stock water pump no problem. Put a high volume pump in the mix it gets tight very quickly. There’s room but you will have to watch your clearances closely. Especially between the top radiator hose and the pump pulley. I made a brace to attach the hose too to make sure they stayed apart. Ran it all last summer and had no issues and drove it hard at the tail of the dragon. Also lowered the temperature when the radiator fan comes on. 25% at 196, 50% at 199, 75% at 203, 90% at 207. Plus a 180 thermostat. Yes I pulled out all the stops but was tired of 240 temps when I would run the tail of the dragon. With auto temps the same. Last summer down there ambient temp high 80’s mid 90’s highest engine temp 210 trans 190. That’s running 11 miles in second gear hard. Do have auxiliary trans cooler. Oh also running Evans coolant. Cruising the interstate temps hang out in the mid 180’s to mid 190’s depending on level ground or climbing hills. Ambient temps in the 90’s with A/C. Did have it get to 210 but that was with A/C air temp of 100.
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The first of my winter upgrades came in today. Alpine head unit, back up camera and interface for steering wheel controls.
Audio equipment Gadget Wood Electronic device Technology
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Well waiting on a few more interior up grades to get here to do all at once.
Yep that’s all I use. Work for my brother in law remodeling bathrooms and that’s all I use when plumbing.
Thanks for the info on the head unit but already have the alpine here. Question did you color match the console and control covers yourself or is it factory? Thinking of painting mine to color match my silver exterior. Have a steering wheel coming from NCM store with a flat bottom. Oh love the interior very well done.
Twin t’s for where I play would be a waste. Longest straight stretch is only about 200 yards. I’m building mine to drive around and go to the dragon once a year for a week. So the stock HP is fine. I look forward to this trip all year. Five of us go down and have a blast. Three of us run MX5 NDs and they run with the Vettes just fine.
It sold for close 100k. Pockets not that deep. Did have a flyin Miata 1.8 turbo in the group years back 330 rear wheel hp. That thing was wicked. But I was driving an 03 thunderbird with a 3.9 V8 at the time kinda o lane but cornered well. Two of the NDs are stock one is tuned. If you want to know the god’s honest truth they are way more fun to drive through the dragon that the corvette. At over six feet I just don’t fit in one.
Damn wiz that’s a hell of a build. What did mister deep pockets do with the car? Drag race of just terrorize the general public.
Back to the head unit. I was just looking for one that was Bluetooth capable so I could play music files. If I hadn’t already purchased one I’d probably go with the joying. But as they say if frogs had wings. Thanks all the same for the info. Waiting for the steering wheel to arrive then it’s tare down time.
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I ordered side skirts to finish out my ZR1 body kit. They came in today. I ordered unpainted ABS and received hydro dipped carbon fiber. $80 upgrade for free score. Still waiting for my steering wheel to arrive. Did decide to replace the shifter bushings. Found out I have to drop the exhaust to install the transmission end. So sense I have the exhaust out I ordered a elite engineering torque tube plate. 1/4 inch aluminum with insulation to combat console heat.

So far I have a new head unit and back up camera with all the auxiliaries, proclip phone holder, peddle commander, side skirts, torque tube plate, shifter bushings and steering wheel if it ever comes in. Going to be a busy February.
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