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New radiator

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Just put a new two row radiator in my C6. Man it got tight quick between the rad and high volume water pump no room left for anything. Just enough clearance for everything to fit.
The only issues I ran into were the trans line fittings leaking,a little gray mega thread tape took care of that.
Test drive went flawlessly going to keep an eye on it for a few trips to make sure no I have no surprises. So far so good.
Looking forward to warm weather to see if cooling improves will keep everyone posted.
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Glad it went well. You are right. It sure was a nice day around these parts
Oh, yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife and I are going to have some great vacation time. 4 fays in Florida for me and 4 days in Lexington for her
Now that your knee is a go I can see a lot of upgrades in your future
That will keep you busy for a few days
Better get busy tomorrow is February
You are more energetic than I am this week
At least you didn't have to take an air chisel to it like I did on my C5 so I could go from 1-1/2 DIN to 2 DIN
That sucks but at least you are experienced in taking it apart now
And the concludes the lesson for today
EBC is a good company
Money well spent in my opinion not the in wife’s however.
She got her revenge
1 - 12 of 109 Posts