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New rotors

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hey i just got some new Baer eradispeeds for my car and i am about to change them. this will be my first time. im having a friend help me but i dont really know how to do it my self and i dont feel like spending a ton of money to have a shop do it. is it easy enough to do myself? any instruction would help!!

thanks alot for the help

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Should be an easy job...
It is an easy task in my opinion.
You should have proper tools and safety equipment.

This is not a comprehensive procedure and I advise you do additional research to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

Perhaps searching this and other Corvette sites may yield better information.

Basically what I have done -

* Partially loosen lug nuts for the wheels you intend to work on.
* Lift car (I did one end at a time - some lift the whole car onto jack stands)
* (There are several threads on line that will give you an idea on how to raise the car.)
* Chock the wheels which remain on the ground.
* Remove lug nuts and set aside.
* Remove wheel and tire assembly.
* Remove the two caliper bolts to remove the caliper.
* (You will probably have to hold the bolt housing with a wrench as you remove the caliper bolt.)
* Support the caliper from a piece of wire or similar so as not to stretch / damage the brake line.
* (Mind the brake pads.)
* Remove the caliper braket. This will take some force as they have a fairly high torque value.
* Remove rotor.

* Now is a great time to paint the calipers and brackets.
* Now is a great time for new brake pads.

* To install, reverse removal procedure.
* (Check manual to for possible use of Loctite.)
* (Research on re-use of bolts - I think it is recommended to replace them.)
* Use the torque values as specified in the manual.
* (I will try to find the torques for the brackets and the calipers and post)
* Install wheel and tire assembly and secure with lug nuts.
* Lower car.
* Torque lug nuts to 100 Foot Pounds torque.

* Admire work while enjoying an adult beverage. :cheers:

This is how I raised the rear of my C5.
Notice the wood between the jack and the cross member support.

One caliper bolt removed.

With the caliper and bracket removed, you should be able to pull the rotor straight off the axle with little or no force.

BTW - Here is everything painted up.:D
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Check out the following post, and the rest of the thread for some good information on calipers and rotors.
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