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New Tires - Sticky Weights

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I have searched around & couldn't find my particular issue anywhere so sorry if it has been asked...

I bought new tires a short while ago for my 02' coupe. The tire company did a wonderful job of mounting & balance but, they of course had to remove my previous sticky weights & apply new ones in a different spot of each rim to get proper balance. The problem is that where ever the previous weights were inside the rims, there is now strips of white sticky backing from the weights that is still left on my rims. What can I use to safely remove the sticky backing? These rims are the polished aluminum rims so I don't want to use anything that will damage the finish or may cause problems with the clear coat...Ideas or experiences? Thanks guys!!
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Anyone? Any tire/wheel guys in the house could help me with this?
Hey bro!

Remove as much as you can gently with a plastic puddy knife.

The rest will come of with 3M "General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner", part # 08984. It's sold in a bright red rectangular can and most hardware stores should have it.

Use as much of the stuff as you need too, you can soak the sticky areas and you'll be amazed how the sticky residue wipes right off!

This stuff is great!:cheers:

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Just had the same problem on my brother's 2000 Trans Am. Spray a little on the residue, let it sit and then use a paper towel. It might take a little bit more work than what Patrick mentioned, but guaranteed not to damage your finish.
My dad ran into this exact same problem just a few weeks ago with his C6. He took it back to the tire place and told them it was unacceptable and they were going to have to make it look better. they told him they have to leave 'em like that all the time because they'd never been able to find anything that would take it off. :laughing: :crazy: talk about lazy..... but anyway, he said "sorry....I refuse to believe that nothing on the face of the planet will take this stuff off." that's when they said "oh, I think the guy out in the body shop said he might have something that'll work...we'll go see if we can get some of that from him." so they did, and lo and behold, when they tried it, it worked. not even sure what they used, but if you take it back and be persistent about it, they'll hopefully take care of you.:thumbsup:
Thanks so much for the input everyone! I'm thinking the 3M stuff is going to be my ticket to getting this stuff off... Thanks Patrick! :D
3M, GooGone, WD-40, your finger nail, ect.
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