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Hey guys how u doing, im looking into buying a C4, and i was wondering if you guys coould give some advice on what c4 is the best. Any insite on manual transmissions as the 4+3 and 6 spd? Thanks alot
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Welcome to DC!

Most people feel the later model years are the more reliable of the generation. I had a 93 coupe, and it performed awesome. If I were to buy another C4, I'd probably go with a 96 so I could get the LT4 engine (more power). Don't really have any input on the transmission question, but I'm sure one of the other C4 experts will chime in real soon! :thumbsup:
welcome to D/C as for the best C4 dont know what is the best will let that for a C4 owner to tell you all

have fun in D/C
Welcome to DC I have to say the newer the better. Chevrolet seemed to improve the C-4 as time went along better power better brakes better electronics. As for the transmission's I've heard a lot of bad things about the 4+3 I would go with the 6 speed if I wanted to jam the gears.:thumbsup:
Welcome. I'd have to say a ZR1, hands down.
Welcome to DC... :buhbye:
Welcome to DC
I own three corvettes, 1985,1992,1996 corvettes

ID suggest looking thru a bunch of 1995-96 cpes , find one in excellent condition, interior and paint, referbishing an interior or getting body work done costs ALOT of money, engines and trans are expensive but youll probably want to upgrade those over time any way,so your far ahead with any 1995 or 1996 cpe in good condition with the manual trans prefered by a slight margin as the best place to start, yes you can get a 1984-87 for half the cost but youll be ahead in the long run getting the more modern version UNLESS your VERY SKILLED at doing repairs, paint and body, interior referb work
what's your budget?

I vote for 96.:thumbsup:
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Budget,? lol looking around the 6-8k range. ZR1 lol yea if i had the money. Im pretty dam handy with any type of repairs since ive restored a 66 mustang and other random cars so that wouldnt be a problem. I was actually looking for a C3 before because of its simplicity (being carburated and no dam electronics or OBDI) to deal. with.! So im not too sure on what's going on but im on the mission of getting one of these fine looking machines!:cheers:

BTW thanks for the warmed welcoming!:thumbsup:
With that budget you probably wont find many 95-96 in good condition. You will probably be forced to go a little older. On that note I would look for a '92 its the oldest you'll find with the LT1, if you don't mind the L98 then look for a '91 as they will have the updated dash. Either way, for 8k you still are going to be getting a C4 that needs some work.
Welcome to DC! I own an 84 myself, and everyone always tells me that newer is better. I love my car, so if newer is better, you can't really go wrong with any year. Good luck.
Even though I own a 1985, unless you are wanting to change the engine, I would suggest a 1986 or above. The 84's had the cross fire injection left over from the 82's. (not a very good setup). The 85's were the first year for tuned port motors, but they still had a flat tappet cam, and steel heads. The 86-91 had roller cams and aluminum heads, so I would definately stay in those years.:partyon:
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