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From Autoweek: The wheelbase is 1.25 inches longer, the height is the same as before and the weight is the same (since the car is engineered to fit within the EPA weight class).

The LS2 is about 20 lbs lighter, the car is 5 inches shorter and 1 inch narrower. Magnesium is now used in the dash. All of these things save weight!

To be honest, I was disappointed that the C6 weighs the same as the C5. Then I see that Autoweek says the "car is engineered to fit within the EPA weight class".

What EPA weight class? What is this? Is the Z06 in a different class? Does the C6 have hidden weight added just for the EPA? Can this weight be found and removed by garage mechanics?

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Holy cow, understanding the EPA regulations is difficult!

Autoweek's rational for the C6 weight maybe right, but after visiting, I have not found anything that indicates that passenger vehicles are classed by weight. In fact, it seems that passenger cars are classified by interior volume! Except for two-seater cars which are, apparently, in a class by themselves.

(based on interior passenger and cargo volume)
SEDANS Passenger and Cargo Volume
. Minicompact Under 85 cubic feet
. Subcompact 85 to 99 cubic feet
. Compact 100 to 109 cubic feet
. Midsize 110 to 119 cubic feet
. Large 120 or more cubic feet
STATION WAGONS Under 130 cubic feet
. Small 130 to 159 cubic feet
. Midsize 160 or more cubic feet

(based on body style and load-bearing capacity)
PICKUP TRUCKS Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
. Small Under 4,500 pounds
. Standard 4,500 to 8,500 pounds
VANS Under 8,500 pounds
. Passenger
. Cargo
MINIVANS Under 8,500 pounds
Trucks, on the other hand, are classified by weight.

Actually, the 2004 Corvette has respectable gas mileage that is on par with Honda's S2000.

Just in case you are curious, the 2 seater with the best MPG is the Honda Insight, the worst is the Lamborghini Murcielago.

When researching particulate emmissions regulations, the classifications were coarser than that of the mileage regulations. For these regulations all passenger cars are lumped together.

So, I'm still befuddled by Autoweek's statement about the C6's weight somehow affecting an EPA classification.

In a related question, where do you suppose the extra weight came from? Larger wheels? Thicker leather? Aluminum accents? Ok, I'm being silly, but really, where'd it come from?

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I saw that in AW too, bt didn't know what to think of it. I had decided it was just poorly worded by the writer - who knows. This weight thing really has me down too. Someone just told me that Hib Halverson said that the "base" model C6 will weigh in at 3179 and that NAV and other add ons bring the weight up. I won't be satified until someone reports and apples to apples (C5 lvs like equipped C6) weight comparison. Until then, I have a Hill doll in my left hand and a long straight pin in my right hand poised and waiting.
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