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newbie from nc

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hello, i am new to site thanks to par4nut. Met him at myrtle beach show. i owned a 85 for 12 years until recent. My wife surprised me with my 94 for my 40th birthday :partyon: she's a keeper and smart too, she has the title in her name! Love going to shows and rides. I am a member of a local club, but they are a little to old for my taste, still have the taste for the wild side not the bed and breakfast crew! looking foward to meeting some new friends :cheers:
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saying hi:D
Welcome to DC...
Hello newB:buhbye:
Welcome to DC:cheers:
You'll fit right in here :D Welcome to DC!
Welcome! NC here as well.
It was a pleasure to meet you this weekend. Mendy and I enjoyed speaking with you and the Vette is just plain awesome. Keep it clean and keep it under 100. We hope to see you around the show/cruise in events again.

Save the Wave !!!
Reid......aka Par4nut
Howdy Neighbor :partyon: Welcome to DC !!!!!
Your wife is way cool for surprising you with such a gift for your 40th birthday. Congratulations on both the life partner and the ride.
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