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So Hi...have a 68 and 72. 68 is an LS swap (that one is mine), 72 is a 454/4spd and that's the wife's.

Been a trail o' trouble on hers....starting with paying 3x more for it....

Car came with a small edlebrock performer sitting on an adapter. Being an injection person I figured hey, just buy the right quad and all is well?! Bought a rebuilt quad from jegs, she snuck aound behind me and took the box to the dump before I even test fitted it. Yep....rebuilt with a bad core, leaked all over from a stripped fuel inlet.

So I do some reading and find out there is no good mass produced rebuilt. I bought a numbers right '73 454 carb on ebay, but my reading shows the guru that rebuilt them retired some years ago (Lars).

Any recommendations from the amassed storehouse of brainpower here on where to send this carb for a proper job?

And yeh, if anyone wants LS talk just yell. I'm much better with those :).


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Lars is (???) still doing carbs to the best of me knowledge

If your interested, fire him an email at
[email protected]


Oh, and he can also helicoil the insert on your original carb to fix that issue as well

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welcome to DC

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I can rebuild your Q-jet if you do not find anyone.
I can not replate it with Greenish - Yellow Diachromate finish.
The Process was outlawed back in 1987 or so.
It was a Cold chemical plating process GM used.
The waste chemical disposal was the issue. Hazmat material.

I am not sure how they are refinishing them now.
Some are spray painted & clear coated that I have seen.

I never have seen the exact duplicate finish Rochester GM Used original.
They come close some I have seen.
And some are over plated the linkages that were bare metal original.

There is SMI Performance.
Cliff Ruggles.
Both are from the Pontiac V8 world .
We discussed a few nights ago on the TA forum.
Lead time to get your Q-jet back is 3-4 months.

Numbers matching cars are coming back in the Pontiac world.
Restored to 100 % stock. Big money Value & High Resale values.
I expect the Corvette world to see it happen again soon.
Correct Quadrajet carb is a part of the restoration.

Cliff Ruggles I have talked to online.
He is A-Ok & a Drag Racer too.

$400-500 or more spent with the Pros is typical.

I do it for less.
But I cant't replate them like I stated.
They sometimes clean up MINT PERFECT.
If they are grease covered & stained with old leaded gasoline & look super nasty....they turn out best appearance wise .
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