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Nice purple vette for sale...

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LT4 also!

"Dark Purple Metallic/Light Gray Leather, Six Speed, LT-4 Option, 330 Horsepower, Grand Sport Engine, Dual Power Sport Seats, Electronic Air Conditioning, Bose CD/Cassette Player, F-45 Real Time Damping Suspension, Factory Window Sticker, Only 320 Corvettes-Coupes and Convertibles-Produced in Dark Purple Metallic in 1996-Rarest Color Produced in 1996-According To Our Records of the Combination Dark Purple Metallic, Coupe, Gray Leather, LT-4 and F-45 Suspension-Total Production-Six"

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That car is nice, but they'll never get what they are asking for it. the market is too soft.
My wife loves purple. Hmmmmmm. A third vette in the garage :D

DAM it's a six speed. :spanked:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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