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no wheel hop = a good summer

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warmed up here for a few days and it seems the hop is gone.i can start to do some launching and speed shifting.this is gonna be a good summer and costly. i know a lot of us have [had] issue with wheel hop but it may be gone with the hot weather. i,m hopping i,m not hopping. hope/hop
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i launched at 3000rpm with mild wheel spin but no hop. Do you feel wheelhop like is it noticable?
I have been told that I was going in to wheel hop and I did not feel it. You can see it if you have some thing to record your run. You will see your speed and RPM oscillate right after launch.
if nothin else ya can hear wheel hop to first timers who have never felt it and stay on the gas they break 07 z used to hop whenever it broke loose,so bad that i wouldnt try a speed shift yet alone launch,now with warmer weather it seems okay. next issue is to explore a scarey issue with AH
ive had wheel hop in my camaro, feels like your on a mechanical bull, i had the windows down when i launched the vette and the sound was solid, not interupted, i also pulled off 0.64G doing so, best ever on a launch was 0.78
wheel hop update

got out to e-town sat. 2800 rpm launch,26 psi rears,mild burn out. this is a stock 07 z 11.945 @122.20. VERY mild wheel hop,bogged,awful r/t time [hey i,m old ] .temp 68 degrees. i feel even warmer weather i will have no hop,i should add that it really was mild. secondly i speed shifted every gear ,2 to 3 just like the 60,s with a hurst comp/plus and a super t /10. i didnt slip clutch out [and i wont] one driver does 11.55 in a 06 z stock. i can put drag radials and raise launch rpm and go below 11.50 but then i,ll need roll bar. moral of this story is :the car will go 11,s stock,it can be speed shifted,and hot weather will make wheel hop a non issue. if ya read between the lines here you may infer cai,s ,exhaust etc are not cost effective unless ya live in an area that every one drives a zo6
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