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Not a Kill story but..

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I was sitting here reading the kill stories and had a thought ...

It would be cool to add a (decal) or some way of showing yoour kill on the fender or somewere on your car of the kill like the fighter pilots use to do in WWII... Just a thought it may be even Dumb.. let me know what u guys think..

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I'd thought of doing something like that, but I gave up on it because I would have to categorize the kills. One would be real kills and the other would be "who does he think he's kidding?" kills. How about some vinyl hash marks to apply to your rear window? That would work ok on late C3's and up, but I'd hate to waste precious rear visibility on earlier ones...
I used to ask for the emblems off the cars I street raced when they wouldn't come up with the cash...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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