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Not Sure Where to Post Classified Information on C5

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I have a booklet from somewhere that has classified all over it and had to be signed for. It has all black and white images and text of the C5 on the test track. I found this back in 1994. I will scan and post some of it's content once someone can tell where. Then maybe someone might know what this is.
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Are they documents about the C5 development? If so, you should post the scanned items in the C5 General section. If you aren't sure, then you can post them in this section for a starter.

Here are the instructions for uploading the pics. :thumbsup:
Thanks, I will post in both. Like I said it deffinetly shows early development and on a test track and had to have a mechanic sign for it.
Can you find one on the C7?...:laughing:
Sorry, I found this when I was hauling for the car show in NY in 1994
Sorry, I found this when I was hauling for the car show in NY in 1994
By the way Welcome to DC....

And your just now sharing it...:smack
Yes, I was never able to find anybody who could tell me
Sorry I forgot to mention, Thanks for the Welcome
Welcome to Digital Corvettes! Quite the First Impression:thumbsup:
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