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I don't post much anymore - last post was about an idle miss and an off idle stumble. It's been months ago.

Checked the following: Injectors, plugs, coil packs (that was fun), throttle body, all vacuum lines. All good and still have the problem.

Checked each wire with a timing light at night looking for irregularity in spark conduction - - and HERE was my mistake: spark can go down the wire but not into the plug.

Seems the GM boot is basically junk and the metal shield does three things: it protects from heat, EMI (noise) to other electronic components and it can INDUCE FAILURE via shorting at the boot.

Pulled every wire off and looked into the boots with a strong light and #8 was "crustified". :WTF This was only ever off two times, when the car was one day old and we put headers on and when I checked the plugs. I replaced it with a spare OEM wire and the problem is now gone. :D

What I found out.

Seems the OEM wires are essentially poor at best and when they begin to fail the metal suppression boot can actually speed up the failure process. On my 05 I Installed Magnecores which is what I use on the drag car with the MSD 7AL Plus ignition. I can grab the wires etc with no 'shocking experiences'. Good wires.

Magnecore makes wires for the Vettes with the OEM boot that requires the metal shield or they make a 45 degree angle, Magnecore boot wire that they guarantee for both noise suppression and heat.

I have them on order as they caused NO problems in 35K of driving on the 05 and I expect they will be the same on the 08.

So, if you have a idle or off idle glitch - check carefully the darn ignition wires.

Me, I am just glad I found the problem.
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