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off to paint and body

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Monday I'm leaving it at the body shop -
All the cracks removed, doors repaired, complete stip and paint. Fill the holes for the rear rack. New door handles and weather strips.

They say 2 months -

Back to Black - or original Burgandy??????

That interior color limits my outside options. Ox blood.

Seats are done, carpet done, new panels in.

Trans almost done - 200r4 and still thinking which engine to build.
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That's kind of a scary time but also excitng. Do you get visiting rights while it's away?
Man....doesn't look like she needs it in that shot!

Nice ride:partyon:
Yeah, I gotta take progress pictures. I hate to loose it this time of the year - Spring- not to hot and not to cold for the topless driving.

The air is good, the breeze is good.

Should have it back in June.

So, black ghost flames????
Lookin Good! That is one nice ride Centrov! Think she will look great whatever color you decide to paint her. Keep the pics coming. Mine might not be far down the line doing the same thing. :cheers:
Went down to check out the progress Saturday - 5-19
Man the stuff you don't see when the paint is on. I thought the hood was bad and had flat spots but it was the fender that was installed wrong from a hit at some time.

The other fender was separating under the front pan area. Patch work in the rear was coming apart - all is good now though. I went all over the car with the technican and found he is doing a beautiful job - I am very pleased so far. They wanted to go over everything before it gets paint.

I still have to order the door handles - weather strip and other little odds and ends to put it back together.

Anyone know where to get black Corvette letters for the rear instead of the chrome - and black door handles too.

I didn't take any pictures - forgot the camera.
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I love the way it looks in black. I would keep it that way unless you want to do a full on #s matching resto. Awesome ride man, keep us posted!
You could have the originals powder coated.
I can't wait to see the finished product :thumbsup:

Back to Black - or original Burgandy??????
Burgandy...............and have them enhance the color with a dash of "pearl". :D

It will have better contrast with the top and tires. JMHO.
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