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my neighbor came over with his new 502/1967 chevelle
(this applies to BOTH BIG AND SMALL BLOCK V/8s )
he said the engine leaks oil badly when he accelerates hard yet hes replaced the oil pan gasket and no change, and altho the frames soaked the damn engine won,t leak at all while idleing on a lift to find the leak!
EXPERIANCE COUNTS :grin: I knew the answer :grin:
before you go pulling the oil pan theres something you should know.
on some blocks in fact most blocks theres 4 bolt holes normally used for early marine style front plate motor mounts that bolt to the front of the block, theres two holes on each side, one above the other spaced about 3" apart vertically, on some blocks these holes are blind and can,t leak,but on others one or more are drilled into an area where oil will leak out ,(especially at above 2000rpm)if a 1/2 long 3/8 NC thread bolts not coated with loctite and seated. you sure would not be the first guy thats told me hes replaced the oil pan gasket yet the car still leaks oil under higher rpms but at idle there seems to be no leak?
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