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first, your oil NEEDS to get to 213 degees MINIMUM before it can burn off water vapor from the engines, MOST synthetic oil WORKS AT ITS BEST in the 230deg-245deg range as far as lubracation and deposite removal goes. SYNTHETIC oil has no problems at temps up to about 260 degrees even long term but MINERAL oil can start to break down at temps above 250 degrees
heres a cheap little item that really works!
it drops my oil temps about 10 degrees

I use puralator pure 1 filters or mobile 1 filters and mobile 1 synthetic oil 90%-95% and 10%-5% marvel mystery oil. ALL APPLICATIONS, read this

if you tend to change oil only once or twice a year than synthetic oil holds a slight advantage and Id use it anyway simply for its greater heat tollerance!

things to read carefully
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