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I use man gel
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I'll start.

I'm converting my car over to a Muncie M-20 4speed
adding 3.55 rear end gears
L88 hood
17x8 TT2's
carb spacer
electronic ignition
updated suspension
bigger/stronger brakes

neeeeeeeeext.. :partyon:

DC Pit Crew
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i wish we'd do something new with ours....or at least fix the problems...(carpet needs to be re-laid in some places) and my brother was talking about new cam, gears, hood, intake and carb but that hasn't materialized yet

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let's see....
new hood
aluminum radiator
spal fans
100 amp alt
front suspension rebuild
fully adjustable idle circuit in the carb
maybe prototype manifold2
some trivial stuff

new plugs and wires
new Edelbrock shocks
new engine belt
new windshield
some more trivial stuff
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