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Unbelievably cool new C6 Wind Restrictor is now available - ONLY AT

As an introductory bonus offer, we are offering FIVE TIMES the normal amount of reward points when you purchase this item using your login and password (that's the only way we can track the points). That's equivalent to 10% of what you spend on this item towards your next purchase! Once you place your order, reply to your email receipt with your forum username and ask us to bump up your points. That means if you had your eye on anything else, you can purchase this first, then use your discount points on the item you were thinking about. Combined with our low price guarantee, should be your last stop when shopping online, period.

You can't buy this anywhere else right now, not even from the manufacturer...

From the company you trust, and our trusted manufacturer Wind Restrictor, comes this insanely awesome new wind blocker for your C6 convertible.

This Wind Restrictor is an amazing, unique and durable product that blocks as much (or more) wind turbulence than the factory OEM mesh net windscreens and helps to maintain the temperature inside of your convertible Corvette when the top is down. Best of all, you can leave the Wind Restrictor in place with the roof closed. The unit mounts solidly yet inconspicuously without any permanent alterations required. Due to the innovative 3D glass design, the unit allows your seats their full travel and does not restrict their movement at all.

Click below to check out all the details including available logos, illumination colors, and add-on pieces to truly set your Convertible apart from the crowd while also being fully functional and helpful at the same time.


C6 Corvette Wind Restrictor


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