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OooOohh, so THAT'S a ZR1

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IT's my bithday, so I was just reminicing 15 years ago after I bought my '86 coupe.

I was taking off for the Cape, like I do most weekends. My friends didn't know about my new toy, so I was pretty stoked.

I was cruising down the highway, when I caught up to a pack of cars slowed by some left-lane-bandit. Just ahead of me was a newer C4 "arrest-me red". Pretty car I think to myself (if alittle too attention getting for my driving style :lookinup: ) Damn, those rear tires are WIDE , I think to myself. I slide up a little closer. What's that, oh a ZR1, SWEET

Traffic opened up on the right lane, and I fully anticipated Mr. ZR1 to take the lead, but he didn't. So enough waiting, I dropped right and pushed past the pack of sheep. Mr ZR1 dropped in behind me. Oo let's see if Mr. ZR1 wants to play I mutter to myself. I switched off the OD, and punched it HARD! letting the barely muffled TPI bark. Mr. ZR1 stepped left into the passing lane, AND THEN SHOT BY ME LIKE STANDING STILL :surprised

Holy CRAP, that's what 400 hp looks like I say, giggling like a school girl :laughing: I couldn't stop laughing for next 15 miles. I never saw the ZR1 again, but he probably felt alot better about the premium he paid for the ZR1 that day. :thumbsup:
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Reminiscing is good. And it's okay to get spanked by a ZR1

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Yup, after all, the ZR1 is the King of the Hill!:partyon: :partyon:

And have a happy birthday!:thumbsup:
great Story ....Happy B-day Dan...:cheers:
Damn!! Sorry I missed it bro. Hey, better late than never though!

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