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White House: Obama Vote Against Raising Debt Limit a 'Mistake'

"White House says Obama's '06 vote against raising debt limit was a 'mistake,' as the administration pushes to raise debt ceiling further by next month — and Geithner warns time will run out by mid-May. "

:smack :crazy: - Will the true believers keep drinking the kool-aid???? or will they see the man-child for the poor decision maker he is??????

:WTF - One of the few times he doesn't vote present and he now admits he didn't make the correct call!!:rolling:

I wonder what mistakes he's currently making, in another 5 years while he's sitting at home will he admit to!!!

I say - let the country default - go bk sell off the Lincoln Memorial to the chinese and put a marker on it stating:

" Another national treasure sold off to pay for union benefits and other wasteful democrat spending" - We can call it the obama initiative!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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