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Well, it's about time for "Open Road Racing 2004 " to begin.

In about 90 days (give or take a few days) we will be running the 1st race of the year , the Big Bend Open Road Race out of Fort Stockton, Texas. Their website is , go look at it & take a look at their bulletin board for lots of very interesting information.

If you are an experienced racer ... no problem ... you've got lots of time (except for room reservations) ... but if your a "rookie" (and we all were "rookies" at some point , I sometimes think I'm still one) ... it's time to begin to understand the details of this sport, and that takes a little time, and a little training ... our LSCC Team will provide both the details & any training that you may want. Heck we'll even share our beer with you.

If you would like to find out more about joining us LSCC @ the Big Bend Race (or any other races), please contact me at [email protected] & I'll get you on to the email list that we use to communicate with each other. By the way if you are on the list an would like to be removed, please let me know that too & we will remove you from the list (and bomb your vette- joke, just a little joke :)).

You know you've been telling yourself "that you ought to get off the couch and try this" or "that sounds like fun" or "I can do that" - well come join us ... everyone is welcome and we're gonna have another great year in 2004.

Lone Star Corvette Club Open Road Racing Team

:buhbye: :excited:
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