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Opinions needed on making my Pace Breath better

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Looking to spend some $$$$ Lokking at the Granatelli Mass Air Flow Sensor, the ECP ported throtlle Body (1050CFM) and a TWIN FLOW aluminum air intake. Any comments and will I need to re-program.

Looking to wait until I get the Intake MAnifold, Cam and HEads in a few months before programming.

Thanks in advance for any advise!!!
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The performance upgrades from the MAF, and aluminum air intake will be minimal. If you want bang for the buck, go with the Halltech Stinger intake. It will definitely give you a seat of the pants improvement. Otherwise, I'd save your money for the cam, manifold, heads, and re-program work. :thumbsup:
Best bang for the buck is cold air intake. and it will work with any thing you do later on. Conceder you lose 1% of your HP for every 10 degs the intake air increases in temp. setting at a stoplight or waiting in the staging lanes the intake air can easily climb 100 or more degs above ambient temp. Which will give you a 10% loss in HP until you get air flowing back into the engine compartment to cool it down. Which with out cold air intake will be about when you reach the next red light or you reach the end of the 1/4.
It is my understanding that Vararam will be offering a T-body and intake manifold in the not to distant future . . and no, I haven't a clue as to when either.
Halltech Stinger

I'm very pleased with my Halltech Stinger:thumbsup:
:agree: I would add a cold air intake first. I don't think you will see alot of gain from the intake, MAFS & throttle body until after you add headers, cam, heads and a cold air intake. You may want to reverse the order and get the intake, MAFS, and throttle body last.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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