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Optispark Preparation

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I am finaly getting a new optispark (OEM) and water pump (OEM) put in my 93 ruby on Wednesday and will hopefully have a properly running c4 for the first time since I bought it almost a year ago.

My question is...without doing the whole 94-96 upgrade with a vaccume line, what else can i do or tell my mechanic to do to avoid as many future problems as i can?

I have read some about sealing up the optispark with silicone or crazy glue and also a little about putting a small drain hose on the water pump.

Any other tips or details like these would be great!

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Aside from going with the much better vented opti system(95-96 type)......the things you've heard about doing will help "greatly"(aside from the crazy glue;) )........The first thing I do to any brand new opti-spark unit(vented or NON-vented) is remove the cap .....then remove the two rotor screws and take some brake cleaner or alcholol and get the female rotor screw threads oil and residue free.....then re-install your rotor using "RED" (NOT blue) loctite on the rotor screws......Opti's are notorious for having the rotors come loose WAY before their time, this will sometimes take out an otherwise good opti-spark unit......then put your cover back on.....then take a tube of permatex RTV silicone sealant(or similar product) and put a nice neat bead around EVERY section where the opti sandwiches together....seriously spend the 10-15 minutes and get everywhere(let it cure to where you can touch it without any comming off on your hands).......then install......then after your optispark is installed on the car and your ready to plug in ALL your plug wires & coil wire.....use a generous amount of Dielectric compound(autozone if you don't already have some, get the big tube) in ALL the holes where your plug wires go into the opti.......then last but not least.....after you make the electrical connection on the top passenger side of the opti.....insulate around this plug with some of the silicone RTV sealant......99% of what takes out the opti's is when water gets inside.......I've been doing these treatments on ALL of my opti installations for the last 10 years.....NEVER had an issue with one........and on the water pump(like you mentioned) epoxy(I use JB weld) a brass or plastic nipple on to the waterpump weep hole....then run a piece of fuel line (off and down) out of the way of ever dripping onto the opti line runs from the waterpump to the driver side frame(a couple feet length)........good luck.........Joe:thumbsup:
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