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you can think whatever you want chuck.
you werent there, so you dont know.

there were 2 other cars following and we all
said the same thing--no one will believe it, and
if i didnt see it with my own two eyes i might
not believe it either.

the guy on the bike asked if id put nitrous on
the vette, because "ive ridden in that car, it
aint THAT fast". but then again we was just
going to 7-11 at the time so i wasnt beating
on it.

it happened. dont matter if YOU believe or not.
i was there, so i KNOW. classic rookie mistake-
underestimating the other guy cause you think
you know better.

i see in your specs your 383 makes 550hp. did
you build that yourself? and if you got 550hp
out of a 383, my 10-1 piston 461" with the
292/.595/108 ([email protected] if you wanna get technical,
see it here-- )
67 chevelle 396 heads (ok maybe its a bit over 10-1)
with the H3 tunnel port/polish, roller top end,
RPM intake and 800 carb, 2" primary hedmanns,
etc... cant possibly be making 475hp? alrighty then.

that tells me all i need to know bout you. aloha......

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There is something called the Flow Coefficient into the Cylinder Bores.

You can have heads that flow 500 CFM @ 28 inches at water depression on a Superflow 900 CFM Flow Bench.
That model has 4 vacuum cleaner motors to power it all at once.
Powered by 440 VAC that Professional Flow Bench.
What actually happens bolted onto a given engine many times the cylinder bores engine actually only ingests receives 250 CFM's airflow or less.
Port Velocity has alot to do with.

A Big Block Chevy 454 like Zincs does a Stellar Job making the most use of available cylinder head airflow.
The Divergent Angle Porcupine cylinder heads he has.
Zinc improved them himself porting.

There are a few factory Pontiac V8 cylinder heads that perform similar.
Every CFM available goes into the cylinder and makes Torque & Hp.
You can check on Water brake or Eddy Current brake Engine Dynos with Volumetric efficiency measured on the printed off Dyno sheets.

Had my 1970 RAIV on a Superflow 900 CFM Flowbench.
A Guy in Dundee Illinois tested them for me with us researching testing.
Had one 455 on Borowski's Racing Dyno in the past also.

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Hey Zinc, If I ever make it to Honolulu, I want a ride in that puppy:thumbsup:
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