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Painting experts please

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Currently my car is a nice shade of magenta which is (thankfully) chipping away. I do not want to spend the big bucks on a new paint job because im going to do a frame off in a few years and I currently have the wrong front end on the car.

I think the matte black look would be a great way to go and I feel that I can tackle this job myself. My goals are to keep the cost as inexpensive as possible, but improve the look of the car enough that I can drive it around without being known as the guy with the pink corvette. :down:

My current thinking is to strip the car with a razor blade, apply a good black primer to seal the body and give me the color I want. I have heard back and forth about using a sealer for the fiberglass and then using primer vs just using primer. Is there a product which can seal and primer or what products should I use?

I hear that epoxy primers work well, but doesnt sand well. I could use the epoxy primer and then spray a black sandable primer.

The final step is how and if to seal it. The car will be kept in a garage except for cruises on nice days and the occasional gathering. If I dont seal it at all, i imagine that it will be harder to clean and will be more susceptible to scratches. If I seal it, what products should I use? I know there is a product that can be added to clearcoat which will dull it down, keeping the matte finish look.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks guys.

I dont need a top notch paint job at all. I just want to get rid of the pink for as cheaply as possible, but still be able to take the car to cruise nights.
What kind of pressure to the sander need? I have a compressor that gives me a constant pressure from 10-100. Will that work? After that ill pick up some of the DP90, a spray gun, and give it a try.

Im planning on doing this in my garage. I was going to use the plastic drop clothes to make a little room with a fan blowing the fumes out. Is there anything else I should consider? What should I sand the DP90 with?
Wow, thats a gorgous car. My compressor is the continous running type so Im going to try the air tool method to save some elbow grease and time.

In some places the paint is chipping and im sure more will come up when I start sanding. What is the best way to approach the edge between old paint and glass? Im thinking I should sand it so its a smooth transition, but that will leave an indentation where there is was no paint. Will I be ok because im using just the primer which will not show the height change? Im thinking the matte finish wont show the lower spots like a gloss will because there is no reflection to distort.

I cant wait to start going this, unfortunately I have to wait till the woman is away in late june so I can completely take over the garage. Of course that is right AFTER bloomington gold. :down:
Thanks for the guidance. When it comes to the final paint job no expense will be spared and its going to a trusted pro. :thumbsup:

Ill post pics of the process when I can get to it.
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