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Painting experts please

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Currently my car is a nice shade of magenta which is (thankfully) chipping away. I do not want to spend the big bucks on a new paint job because im going to do a frame off in a few years and I currently have the wrong front end on the car.

I think the matte black look would be a great way to go and I feel that I can tackle this job myself. My goals are to keep the cost as inexpensive as possible, but improve the look of the car enough that I can drive it around without being known as the guy with the pink corvette. :down:

My current thinking is to strip the car with a razor blade, apply a good black primer to seal the body and give me the color I want. I have heard back and forth about using a sealer for the fiberglass and then using primer vs just using primer. Is there a product which can seal and primer or what products should I use?

I hear that epoxy primers work well, but doesnt sand well. I could use the epoxy primer and then spray a black sandable primer.

The final step is how and if to seal it. The car will be kept in a garage except for cruises on nice days and the occasional gathering. If I dont seal it at all, i imagine that it will be harder to clean and will be more susceptible to scratches. If I seal it, what products should I use? I know there is a product that can be added to clearcoat which will dull it down, keeping the matte finish look.

Thanks in advance

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How good does this paint job have to be if you're doing a
frame off
in a couple of years?

I haven't mucked about with glass bodied cars before so I can't comment about stripping with a raxor blade.

However, if you want a pretty good job to last WELL into your frame off, I would suggest:

Rub the whole car down with 240 wet & dry paper (using it wet). Then mask it all up and squirt it with 3 or 4 coats of acrylic based primer. Hit the primer with a guide coat and knock it back with 400 wet. Then put 4 or 5 good coats of your matt black on.

Just my 2c...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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