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Painting the center cap.

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Well I just picked up a C5 and it has the painted rims. In the future I am planning on having them chromed, but for now I would like them to stand out a bit more. My son has suggested that I paint the corvette emblem in the center. I am curious if anyone has done this before and if they know what type of paint I should use.

Here is my quick photoshop mock up:

what do you think?
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Definitely talk to Custom Center Caps! Check out what they have...

(P.S. I love the bowling green paint)
Cool idea. Could be tricky to puddle paint in the recessions w/o getting it on the top surface, but if you succeed, it will look great!
Hopefully this weekend I'll get around to trying this. Thanks for the compliment and link patrick -I might need it if it turns out bad. I'll post pictures after I finish.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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