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Hi guys,

Now in Stock at LG Motorsports,

For those of you that like to drive your Corvette to the limit's at HPDE events or regional races you know how warm (HOT!) it can get inside the cockpit of your car. The hotter it becomes inside your car the harder it is for the human brain to function at 100%. The better you can keep your body's temperature down the less mistakes you are going to make inside your car. Less mistakes = faster lap times. The more you can reduce the amount your body is going to sweat the more you can reduce the chance of dehydration as well.

Now you can have the same personal cooling system just like the pro's use. Cool Shirt now has a portable system that you can wear and put in your car with no permanent modifications. The cooler itself is a small bag unit that is water tight and you can belt into your passenger seat or just slide it behind your seat. It includes hose, wiring, pump, and shirt.

Lou uses the Cool Shirt system in his own World Challenge car, and in all of our W.C. Corvette's.

The complete system can be had for just $389!

In-stock now and ready to ship.

If you are building an all out race car, we can also supply you with any of the full race systems from just water, to water and fresh air systems for helmet hook ups as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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