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We wanted to get some information to you guys about the Entire suite of products that GMPP now offers from Pfadt Race Engineering. This isn't just one set of sway bars, it is an entire range of parts.

As many of you saw, the introduction of these parts to the GMPP catalog came in the form of GM choosing to use all Pfadt Suspension on the Chevrolet Corvette Z06X. They came to us because of the dedication we have shown to the chassis development and engineering of the C5/C6 Corvette. This is along with the advances we have made in adding performance components to get them to handle like a race car with street ride qualities. We are the only suspension manufacturer to be given this honor.

So with that said, the GM Z06X build includes the following from Pfadt:

-Feather Light Generation Double Adjustable Coilovers- GMPP Package
-Front Tow Hook
-Rear Tow Hook
-Race Sway Bars - GMPP Package
-Pillow Block Sway Bar Mounts - GMPP Package
-Full Control Arm Spherical Bushing kit

Part Numbers that are officially licensed are the following:

1131009 Front Tow Hook
1131010 Rear Tow Hook
1110232 Feather Light Generation Coilovers- GMPP Package
1110221 Spherical Control Arm Bushings
1110242 Race Sway Bars- GMPP package
1110243 Pillow lock Mounts- GMPP Package

We are working on a couple more as we speak. As you can see GM chose to pursue an entire Pfadt package to offer through every one of their dealers. They understand that for a full build, you need the best components that are tried and tested in the field on thousands of cars in a street environment, as well as on the race track.

If anyone is unclear as to what this means, please feel free to post up and we will answer any questions. The biggest advantage is you will be able to order through ANY GM Performance Parts outlet. , any or all of the parts above. There are many GM dealerships already ordering Pfadt suspension exclusively, now this just means when you order your Corvette or take it in for some work, you can have the ease of mind that GM gave their blessing on a full range of Pfadt suspension upgrades. Pfadt suspension will be officially certified for sale thought your local dealership performance parts.

So if you are on the fence about a suspension upgrade, hopefully Pfadt's relationship with GM will give you the assurance and indication that upgrading suspension can be done safely, professionally and in the right way by the right people!

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that is one nice ride
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