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First, I’d like to thank the forum members for your interest in our suspension products! We’re always working on new products to help you get the most out of your Corvette as well as improving our existing products.

We are very excited to announce the upcoming launch our updated Sway Bar kit. In a little over a month we’ll have available our first production batch – check out the prototypes:

The main new features are:

1. The spline is cut directly into the bar stock.
2. The arms feature the spline cut at an angle to eliminate the bending process.
3. The arms will be lighter and made out of 2024 aluminum.
4. Both the front and rear arms will have an additional adjustment hole
5. The end links are custom-made to our design specs in the USA.
6. The new end links weigh approximately ½ of the existing ones.
7. The end links will have a turnbuckle feature so their length can be adjusted without removing them.

We will continue to offer a Street package and the competition Pfatty package. We haven’t finalized the details of pricing, but the updated package will be at a slightly higher price. We’ll continue to sell our current product until inventory runs out.

We’re really excited about this update! The feed back on our current product has been phenomenal, but we don’t want to just rest on our heels. As soon as we have our first production batch in hand, we’ll let you know!


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Is pricing still the same? Maybe I missed this in the original post. thanks.

****Never mind....I just read the pricing part.
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