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Phase III Complete (Pics)

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Well I have been promising some pics....finally cleaned her up and took her to a show. This was today at the Save the Lake Car Show in New Orleans. Managed a Top 10 Corvette Plaque :D

Changes in Phase III: Pioneer Avic, Polished Maggie 112, RK Sport Hood, Pipedreams Caps, CEC engine bling, Triple Cobalt Guages.

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Sweet :partyon:
Great look'n Vette! Looks like ya had good company at the show too.

I saw that last picture and got to scratching my head... then realized that I had seen your car's sister in Nevada:
Sick Vette!!! Must be a blast to drive with that Maggie:partyon:
That Looks AWESOME:surprised ! I would have giving you 1st Place:thumbsup::cheers:
Looks sweet :thumbsup: VERY NICE !!!!
nice ride!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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