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I wonder if the solid wheels effect brake cooling...
I have always liked Center line wheels but have stayed
away from them due to the fear of brake heat...

Your thoughts...
I cannot give you an answer based on science. I can say that my type of driving (non-competition) places no heat constraints on that 1974. I have never had brake fade.

If you think of the standard wheels that came on the car (ralleys) they were pretty solid as well. They did have slots but I really believe that was for aesthetics/weight reduction rather than cooling. Later C3 RPO YJ8 alloys much the same. Whether I am right or wrong I can say that I have never hesitated to go for a sunny, Sunday afternoon ride owing to a concern about hot brakes.

If you look at this another way, the Centerline-type wheels were a favourite of drag racers of the era because of the solid and rigid, non-flexible design. They do not twist/warp under heavy torque load. But again those conditions are rarely seen on the street with a stock L-48 or L-82.

Similarly, u-joints with grease fittings (zerks) as opposed to solid units. The former are supposed to have a weak point at the zerk. But with normal street driving it will not be noticed.

There are many more examples of where competition upgrades are desireable and needed. My 1974 L-48 is not a candidate. Heck, Honda Civics with tweaking can blow me away.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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