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I very much want to drive the length of Route 66, but my job isn't giving me the 3 weeks or so that I need to do it right. So I've decided to start small and do the first state: Chicago to St. Louis.

The current plan has me driving from Ann Arbor to Chicago the evening of Thursday, July 26th. Bright and early Friday morning, I want to catch breakfast at Lou Mitchell's and then head on down the Mother Road. I'll take 2 days to travel the 300 miles to St. Louis, stopping to eat and sleep along the way.

From St. Louis, I'll head to Vandalia, IL where I'll find the end of The National Road, one of the first federally funded roads in the nation (1811-1839). It runs to the Potomac, but I'll only go as far as Columbus, OH and then head back north to Ann Arbor. I figure this is a nice long weekend jaunt.

Along the way, I'd love to connect with some fellow DC fanatics. If you're somewhere on the route, perhaps we could meet for a meal or a beer or even join me to cruise part of the way. I have a few guide books, but any tips for driving this route would be appreciated (things to see, places to eat or sleep, etc.).

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