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Police have reportedly discovered large quantities of bomb-making materials in the home of a naturalized U.S. citizen from Serbia living in southern California. The Escondido house in northern San Diego County came to the attention of authorities last weekend when a gardener was hurt in an accidental explosion.

“We believe [the gardener] scraped against some of the powder in the yard, and the friction caused it to explode,” one official said. “Apparently the suspect was experimenting in his yard, and some of it got left over.”

After the police bomb squad entered the house of George Djura Jakubec — an unemployed computer software consultant — they seized a number of explosive devices Sunday, including homemade grenades. On Wednesday, police returned and found a second explosive device, but were forced to retreat after finding the home “extremely cluttered, making movement and observation extremely difficult,” the L.A. Times reports.

“If you look at the video of this, you can see items piled on top of items. It gives you a mental picture of how difficult it is,”a Sheriff’s spokesman said. “Counter space and tables, every bit of space had items piled on top of items — papers and boxes.”

One explosives expert from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives described the initial findings as potentially “devastating.”

“If you had 8 or 9 pounds in a vehicle in a street, you have a pretty large and devastating car bomb,” said James Cavanaugh, a retired special agent of the ATF.

“Inside a home, it’s going to blow all the windows and doors and walls out, but it’s not going to destroy the neighborhood. People would be in danger if they were immediately in front of the house or adjacent to the house,” he said. ” It would be almost like a gas explosion.”

Bomb squads must be wary of potential booby traps, Cavanaugh said.

“These explosives, like HMTD, I call the devil’s own mixtures, and they can be set off by shock, friction, static electricity, heat, flame or even a chemical reaction,” he said. “Added to the danger is that they are difficult to find in a filthy hoarder’s hovel.”

Outside court this week, Jakubec’s wife, Marina Ivanova, said the alleged bomb maker was “crazy.”

“I think he lost his mind. He lost his mind or something. … I know that he was collecting, obsessively collecting stuff.”

“It‘s amazing he didn’t blow himself up. He must have some knowledge of how to do this safely,” a Sheriff’s assistant said. “Part of the story should be about the bravery of the bomb technicians and haz-mat team, for risking their lives trying to build a case against this guy so that justice can be served, and trying to render the site safe so that homeowners can return to their homes,” he added.

Jukabec is now under arrest and being held on $5 million bail. He was reportedly on probation for a 2009 burglary conviction when he was arrested last week.

The so-called “bomb-making factory” was discovered as the largest cache of homemade explosives every discovered in one central location on U.S. soil.

San Diego County authorities confirmed Thursday they have found pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, a favorite of al Qaeda bomb-makers that is now the target of new U.S. airport body scans and pat downs.

They also found more hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, or HMTD, in a bottle inside the house, but the two types of homemade explosives were not immediately removed because they are too volatile and the house is too cluttered to negotiate safely, Assistant Sheriff Ed Prendergast said.

Authorities had already recovered 8 or 9 pounds of HMTD, an explosive powder that suicide bombers use, authorities said.

Police have yet to release any word on Jakubec’s possible intentions and court documents do not suggest he is being charged for selling explosive devices. The suspect has pleaded not guilty to possession of explosive devices, possession of bomb-making materials, bank robbery and burglary.‘bomb-factory’-in-southern-california/

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we probably got five of those in Dearbornistan, Southfield, or Sterling Heights...

They are just too busy nightclubbing to finish the bombs...:laughing:
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