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I own a 2001 coupe, mag. redII, 2 tops, 6 speed, polished wheels. I am the original owner ( 28 months ) and only have 12,700 miles on it. It has seen some rain but never any snow.
For over the past year I have noticed some pitting in the clearcoat especially on the inside of the wheels. I clean them 2-3 times a month inside and out. I clean the entire car every time I use it.
I recently brought it to my dealer to be inspected by the GM zone rep. He stated that he had seen it many times but there was nothing GM could do. If they replaced the wheels they could'nt guaranty it would'nt happen again.
Why did I pay an extra $1200 for these wheels and wheres my warranty?
Anyone else notice a similar problem.
I only clean them with soap and water.
Pete :( :huh: :huh:
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