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Odd question, mostly for curiosity purposes....
But is there a way to calculate how much power JUST over-boring your current set up would gain you?

As in, if a guy were to make NO OTHER change to the engine but to increase the bore. Let's say that the pistons are the exact same flattop spec just to keep it easy...if that's possible.

I was just thinking about it while contemplating how I'm doing my build...while currently the engine is a virgin bore gen VI 454, and I'm just going to refresh the bottom end... When I build the rest, if let's say it yields 400hp/450tq....then I turn around and get it bored .60 over, but still plan on keeping flat top pistons. I've read that swept volume does not change the compression, so that would remain the same, if not increase. Never given that thought before, nor read up on it. So not real sure I understand how that works....but I will dig into that. But I was just curious if there is a multiplier formula or something to ball park how much it would gain.
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