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power windows

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Is there a simple way to put the windows back in a 77 w/power? I fought with one for about an hour last night and all I got was frustrated and sweaty! I've got the motor and regulator in now with the bottom track and the angle guide track but can't seem to get it to where I can get the bottom track to bolt up to the window itself. Do the vertical tracks have to go in after this? :huh:
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Don't know if this may help but this is how I have done it.
1 Install the rear vertical channel leave top loose
2 Install regulator make sure roller is in the channel on inside of the door.
3 Install front vertical channel leave top loose
4 Install horizontal Glass channel from the top
5 Install the glass front of glass first holding the back up then lower the back into the rear channel.
6 You may want to run the motor up or down so you can see the glass channel attaching points. I find that closer to up position is better.
7 Attach the glass to the channel.
Remember the power wire goes through the front bottom channel so it doesen't get caught in the moving parts Hope this may help you
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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