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We all know that dozens of guys and gals seem to think that owning a phone and maybe a GoPro qualifies them to review the C8 and post their opinions about it. Some are decent reviews and others...maybe some of them should try creating a cooking show or a hobby page. I don't know how qualified "BMWBlog" is but I do know [they/he/she] didn't climb into the C8 driver's seat wanting to like a CORVETTE. So the review makes for an interesting read. They had just finished a review of the Audi A8 that they liked VERY much and one could tell by the writing that they expected to pan the C8. But that didn't happen.

Until the C8, Corvette only had a handful of competitors, many of whom have died painful deaths over the last 67 years. There are also 'wannabe' competitors. Some were just not very good cars, some were/are good cars and even great cars...but they are not and were not great value, great achievement sports cars like Corvette. The biggest joke is probably the one whose drivers still tend to leave a car meet and run into walls, light polls, dividers, etc.

Another brand that has rarely met head to head in the same class with Vettes on the race track but thinks highly of themselves are BMW owners. So it was great to read a BMW blogger say things like "gamechanger," "design is killer," "seating position was bang-on," "I could not believe just how good the interior was," etc. The reviewer simply could not lie about how great the C8 actually is.

Bottom line: If you have a buddy who is a Beemer guy (or an Audi A8 guy), send [him/her/it] (my son says I 'm not PC enough so I'm working on it) the link below and have some lively discussions. :)

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