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One of my big concerns is my TPI. It has been sitting around in my garage for the past seven years. I am concerned with injectors, fuel rails, injector seals, etc, etc...

I need some advice for cleaning and prepping for installation. the last thing I want is to get it together and Bam! an issue I could have prevented.

Also, Could there be any underlying issues I should be looking out for?

I'd blow out all the passages to make sure nothing has made a home in there.

Whenever I use old injectors that have been sitting, I clean and do a test to check the spray pattern. For this I rig up a 3/8" clear plastic tube and secure it off the corner of my bench. Insert an injector in the bottom end and hook up a connector using a 9V battery or small power supply with a switch. Under the injector I use a large coffee can to catch the spray. Once it rigged up, I fill the tube within a few inches of the top with injector cleaner and use my air hose to put about 40psi in the tube. I press the button to energize the injector and watch the fluid spray out. Don't let it run dry or you could burn up the injector. I do this a couple times, then run a tube of ATF through and finally another tube of injector cleaner. AFT is a good lubricator. You could Marvel Mystery oil if you want to instead of ATF. If any flows out before you energize the injector, you can try running cleaner and ATF until it holds pressure. It's a crap shoot though. If you can't get the leak to stop, get a new injector. Watch the spray and look for uniformity.
Do that for all 8 injectors and you will be good to go.
DO NOT blow backward through the injector. That is the quickest way to ruin it.

Replace all the injector O-Rings. Some will probably get ruined when taking the injectors out. If nothing else they will have hardened.

Make sure any water passages are clear.

That's all I can think of right now.
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