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Greetings fellow 'Vette Zealots,

<hangs head, shuffles feet> My socks droop when I think this was the first mod I made to my two month owned '08 C6. Anyhoo, the blinding yellow glare from those hideous warning decals (that I never read) stuck on my sunvisors is no more. I purchased a pair of CF look visor covers from Top Flight Reproductions. These covers are the bees knees, IMHO. They're thick and have a cool matt finish with a subtle sheen. The carbon fiber look goes great with that on the console.

These covers are not much more than 1/8" larger than the offending decals. To simplify installing them, I stuck a couple pieces of blue masking tape about a fat 1/16" above the decals and one piece of tape the same distance off the left edge. I cleaned off the surface of the yellow decals with an alcohol pad provided with the covers. (A nice touch, BTW.) After removing the backing from the CF cover I just slid it up against the tape and the alignment was perfect. I pressed the cover down and rubbed it across with the smooth side of the backing paper completing the installation.
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