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Project car won't start...

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1985, no VATS...

I pull it out of the garage to sand, cause I hate the dust all over...

Have had no problems until last week, started the car, pulled it out...sanded...started...pulled it back in. Went to pull it out again, it ran for a second then died. I knew it was real low on gas, put 5 gallons in, still won't start. Turns over fine.

All the door handles, door wiring etc are off and I noticed that the "security" light does not blink anymore, but it was like this before when I pulled it out. I checked all the fuses but have not check for a spark yet as I haven't had the time.

It seems to smell like gas while its turning over...any ideas?
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maybe the alarm module went bad??

are you getting spark, if not, maybe the ignition module died.
Checked this morning, spark is fine...looks like a fuel problem
Could be a bad fuel pump, maybe just the fuse.
I know this sounds kinda dumb for a FI car.. but maybe it's flooded.. I know it had a code or issue with the IAT sensor and maybe it was running rich due to false air temp and just pulling it in and out of the garage maybe it didn't get enough time to burn off the excess fuel and maybe the plugs out fouled out... I dunno just a thought could be wrong. if you have good spark try shooting some eather in the intake and see if it runs. if it does you know you have good spark for shure and then you may have a fuel problem such as injectors not firing, bad fuel pump or something on that order.. thats just my guess...
Turned out to be a fuel pump that went bad, a breeze to replace and running again.
good thing it happened at home and not somewhere away. It's a bit scary how some things just die and there's no warning.
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