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About how much can I reduce my head gasket thickness and / or mill the heads before push rod length becomes an issue?

I have stock smog type 72 cc heads on my granny 350, 250 hp crate motor. I'm toying with replacing the 041 head gasket with a 015 steel gasket, and milling the heads enough to cleanup the to the valves pocket. As I recall that would be about 040 off. This should give me about a 45% quench surface area and raise the compression from 8.5 to about 9.7, and my quench gap would be about 040.

So the existing push rods would be 066 longer in place than right now.

I know, I know, get better flowing heads, but the budget plan is for a OD tranny this year, and maybe aluminum 64 cc heads next year. The head milling would cost me zero.:) I might even pocket port and gasket match the buggers while they're off.:)
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